DriveAlert is a powerful, web-based, Hazard Perception Evaluation & Driver Training program, used by leading employers globally to evaluate a driver's skills & to deliver targeted remedial training

Hazard perception is the ability to recognize, anticipate & identify potentially dangerous traffic situations as they arise.  DriveAlert does this by evaluating the driver's ability to read the road - a skill that is directly relevant to every day driving situations.  It places the emphasis on asking the driver what they think might happen next.  Based on the evaluation results - a series of high impact, online defensive driver training modules is automatically assigned to each driver.  This targeting of training resources by area of weakness helps clients to maximise return on investment.

Alternatively, the driver training modules can be ordered individually.  This works, for example, as part of an appropriate intervention programme following an online Driver Risk Assessment or based on actual driver behaviour (see DriverFocus DriveNtell).

DriveAlert gives you:

  • Choice of 27 driver safety / eco-driver training modules - see list below
  • Localised content for UK and Ireland
  • Typically 30-50% reduction in collision frequency and severity
  • Help in identifying driver weakness / skills deficiency
  • Engaging real-life video footage
  • Targeted training regime for each individual driver
  • Short, 15-20 minute modules 

 To find out more or to arrange a Free Demo: 

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